Year End Letter

Dear Friends and Clients, 

Can you believe we are already half way into December? This year has really blown by… and as we approach the end of it, we tend to make a balance of how our year has been. 
As we sit down to reflect, the first thing that we think of is how grateful we are to do what we love, and to have found a way to share it with all of you.  We had quite a year….adjusting to changes, personally and professionally, converting a dream into a business, all while still balancing being moms and taking care of our families. 
Throughout the year, we met new clients and many became friends along the way. We also had a blast interacting with customers at local events such as farmer markets. We have enjoyed getting to know them better, being able to show them our products and most importantly, fulfilling our dream of sharing our native Argentine culture to the country that opened its doors to us. Last but not least, we grew by hearing your constructive comments and suggestions, as well as learning what your needs were and how we can improve.  We would not be here today if it wasn’t for you, our supporters, our family and our friends.  

Our idea for this business has always been providing our customers with the best home style baked goods made with the freshest ingredients that would feel as cooked at home. 

Our commitment is to always provide a comforting and friendly feeling, from the products to our customer service. This is why we ensure to personally connect with our clients as soon as we receive their orders to make sure everything exceeds expectations and we always offer a welcoming smile and a hand to help out with anything they might need. Please, please...we encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions so that we can continue to improve.    

Our most successful campaign this year - ❤ #WeCare for the people #YouCare ❤ -, not only had a great response but we also got to realize how many of our friends cared about other people. We learned great stories along the way and we were so glad we could help them show how much they care for someone else.  

Thank you again for supporting us along this incredible journey. This is just the beginning. 
Happy Holidays !!

      Anita & Vicky