About us

After years of entertaining my friends and family, I was encourage to bring my cooking to the next level and open it to the world, by introducing a little of our native country Argentina to everyone with Empanadas and desserts. As with many traditional foods, every family has their own recipe and I am very humble to be able to share mine with you, made with fresh ingredients and a lot of dedication.


A year and a half later, this project that had started for friends and family kept growing and with a life of its own, expanded. This is when Vicky accepted to become a part of this crazy adventure and we relaunch this endeavor from the kitchen at the Calvary Episcopal Church in Summit where we prepare our clients orders.


Cooking and helping others have always been our passion. What better way than to assign part of the profit we make by cooking and giving back to the community. We are firm believers that every kid should be able to celebrate their birthday no matter the economical situation their parents might be in at the moment. This is why we are committed to partner with shelters and organizations in order to reach those kids in need and provide them with a birthday celebration which will create them memories that will last a lifetime. We believe our effort and dedication is well worth it when you see their smiling faces. Thank you so much for your support!!!



"Thank you all for supporting us in this journey of baking for a cause. By giving this step we will be able

to combine two of our passions: baking and giving back to the community.A share of the profits will

be used to bring birthday celebrations to less fortunate children."

- Love, Anita & Vicky